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Im a Junior slalom skater and i wanted to get into DH. I was wondering what type of board do i need and gear i need to use. also how much it costs. cheers.

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If your gonna get really serous with DH skating then get A Landyachtz evo or the R5

wrong, the R5 is evil and if young mate is coming from a slalom back ground theres a good chance he likes to turn on his wheelie board, the R5 in my veiw is a massive fail and in some cases/setups, ie with bear 852s it turns the oppisite direction to your leaning, if your coming from a slalom board your progessing in a complete different direction then the average joebob who maybe rode a park board as a kid, stick to a top mount and widen/stiffen your trucks, try some round liped wheels and BAM, your gonna be ripping!

I don't like helmets. They don't suit me.

you shouldn't be skating then. it doesn't suit you, and you dont suit this community with that attitude

I really hope you are being sarcastic with that comment.  If you are not, either you will die from hitting the road, or die from all the abuse you will cop from this site... As Jacko said, if you don't like helments, NO ONE likes you here.

Fine i'll wear it then.

If I could suggest a board - a daddow 120y or pigasus, they're quite expensive at around $400 if you order complete from hopkin

ill tell you what,i just got a sector 9 ginger carbon downhill board,and boy its a machine.but its $400 just for deck,i think well worth it.

I recently bought an Omen carbon matrix (from Hopkin, of course) and I gotta say that it instantly felt stable and predictable going downhill. Match it with some 50 calibers and a set of Venom cannibals and you're in business. Not telling you to get 1, but at least have a stand on one.

you should get a stiff board, and wheels from 70mm up and a duro of max 83a, you should also get trucks with a low degree

Hop thanks for taking the time to post this - very informative! :)

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