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Race number three is coming up fast guys. October 4th and 5th. This is a big weekend. Ditch race on the Saturday. Hybrid slalom on the Sunday.
The Sunday race is sanctioned and insured. It is on at a new venue - bike track. So there is room for dual slalom. Plus cruisey longboard, slalom area on the other side of the bike track. Surface is new hot mix tar with slight incline. It will be fast. But not giant slalom fast.

Post up who is going and if there is room in your car for travellers.

Jacko? Steve is coming down. How are you getting to Canberra?

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not sure exactly how im getting there... hopefully gonna try and scab the saab off good old mumsie.
does steve need a road-trippin buddy?
how are you gettin there?
im driving probably on my own (family may tag along but doubt it)...happy to pick up NACCOS (or sydney crew who can get near the motorway) on the way on Friday, i am probably booking at formule 1 (3 beds) if family is a definate no show, happy to put up a coupla skaters, just msg me.
i am thinking of hitting up goulburn skatepark on the way if any one else is keen to break up the trip? Also keen to hit weston, tuggerenong, gungahlin, belconnen, spence drains downhil black mountain....................ACT is rad!!
i'll be hittin up black mountain on either the friday or the monday... that road is so sick
Regulars will know how rare this is. I'm in for the two days. yes I have a leave pass, and Hop is going to Canberra to skate and party. And I'm not bringing a computer.

Steve might be in Sydney on Friday or Saturday depending on lifts.

I'm driving down Saturday morning.

Where is the Hopkin Racing team staying? We going to do a place like at the nationals? For anyone that missed it

i'd say hopkin racing should get a place... minus the naked greg in the bathtub.... all naked gregs are banned from Hopkin Racing HQ forever....
You might find out why they call him Groundhangers...
Friday night Saturday night?
Who's in Canberra for the Friday night?
i'd sat sat night n sunday night....
Jacko said:
i'd sat sat night n sunday night....

let's get a big joint for saturday and sunday. skate all day, party all night.
then black mtn on monday, drive back content as can be...

Bugs said:
Jacko said:
i'd sat sat night n sunday night....

Team Hopkin is at the Skatesman on Saturday and Sunday night. Due to the long weekend and floriade there is no pimped out palaces for us to trash. Sorry greg no spas but maybe we can talk to management about a nude bar run.

There is still some accomodation left at the Statesman. 02 6281 1777. We are in one bed rooms (singles).
Sunday After party will be there ( in steve's room that is - how many skaters can we fit in one room) - good bar for after race drinks on Saturday night.

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