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all the crew who live on the gold coast or vegas area heres the pace if your keen for a always looking for new hills and new people to ride with so lets get together and put urethane to bitumen..i kNow your out there

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yeah theres a kid that lives like 20m away from me thats keen... our place is covered with hills.. is there much in chermside?

ok sounds good. yeah decent but i skate to like aspley, mcdowl, bridgeman downs for a decent skate 

yeah sick. im on like the woolies side of albany creek.. havent really been out to bridgeman downs that much..

fuck 8.2k skate...  ill check busses 

if you can get to chermside westfield theres a 338 bus that leaves from there that comes to a busstop real close to me

yeah i live 5 minutes from chermside.. any buses that go from yours to hypermarket? 

yeah the 338 goes past the hypermarket. not sure about to the hypermarket. but if its coming from chermside it stops at the 711 across from the hypermarket

yeah behind the 711 is some good hills if your keen. 

yeah dude ill see, ill talk to this other kid first

yeah if its a problem ill try come to yours and we could maybe start at mime than skate over your way

yeah that sounds cool

He doesnt really want to go to chermside

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