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all the crew who live on the gold coast or vegas area heres the pace if your keen for a always looking for new hills and new people to ride with so lets get together and put urethane to bitumen..i kNow your out there

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 I haven't skated dillon road before but it looks bloody sick on google maps!!

I dont know, never skated it, wouldnt be to fast 60's maybe.. but i have no idea what traffic is like 

hey mate i live on the northside. but i am a beginner hahah just warning you.

Connor Ferguson said:

Anyone want to roll on the northside of brissy in the next few weeks? Keen to see whats around other then the 45km runs around my place!

Hey everyone,


my names harry i'm 13 and I'm just starting to get into downhill and freeride. I recently did noosa and it's hell fun but soo far away. I was wondering if there were any groups or something that go skating reguly?

I'm on holidays, really really bored and want to session anywhere on southside of brissy tomorrow

pm me if ur keen,+underwook&hl=en&a...


Rosemont Ct, Underwood, and surrounding areas afternoon skate if anyone is up for it?

Carparks tonight me Zane arvo heading in for 8

anyone want to go for a roll around the north side of brizzy? i have no one to skate with today 

yeah bro.. where are you at on the northside?

chermside west. you?

albany creeek

where you want to skate? got anyone else who is keen on a skate? 

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