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Wheeled recreational devices are not to be used on a road with a dividing line or median strip or on a road with a speed limit greater than 50km per hour (previously the speed limit was 60km per hour).

A person must not travel in or on a wheeled recreational device or wheeled toy that is being towed by a vehicle. A person travelling in or on a wheeled recreational device or toy must also not hold on to a vehicle while it is moving or travel within 2 metres of the rear of a moving vehicle.

(Skateboards are classified as "wheeled recreational devices".)

The 50 km/h limit might be the thing that makes skateboarding illegal at Mt Panorama (I'm assuming the speed limit there is 60).

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that sucks. our speed limit is still 60km/h. i hope that doesn't happen down here.
Wow i didn't even know that there was a 60 km/h limit down here. Are there any other rules governing sidewalk and road use?
I think those rules pretty much cover riding skateboards on the road.

On the footpath it's a bit hazy. There's no law specifically against it, but there is some general-purpose law about creating a hazard etc, which is open enough for any cop with a bad attitude to give you a ticket.

And when cops think about "attitude", they're only thinking about yours, not theirs. This link tells it like it is:

The Attitude Test

I failed the attitude test a couple of weeks ago, and the results weren't pleasant.
Remember kids, its only illeagle if you get caught!
pretty much the same as here in QLD. 8 of us were booked one day, riding a new spot, really windy, not all that fast, but all close together, and a cop went past us in the other direction. She had a massive power trip and fined us all. a whopping great $30 :P according to the fine we were "riding a recreational wheeled device on a road"
Ha Ha yeah ya gotta watch the chick cops, they REALLY REALLY dont understand us, one busted Me n Dave Kelly riding Galstone Gorge, we just lay on the back of DK's ute and laughed at her as she stomped around and couldnt find anything to pin on us, cos she didnt actually site us, she had steam comin out her ears lol
damn thats shit! well lucky i have a house on a hill among many hilly roads around so not easy to get Caught there. this is albion park just out of wollongong.

camon as long as you have helmet,knee pads,elbow pads and some good grippy shoes you ll survive. and also watch out for cars.
well folks - skateboards and their legal status may come under increased scrutiny very soon.
It appears the cops on the Sunshine Coast want to try to classify skateboards as "vehicles" instead of "wheeled recreational device". Worst case scenario this could have very severe consequences for skateboarders charged with riding on public roads...

read all about it,23739,24535102-952,00.html

anyone have Matt Ryan's details? please get them to me if you do.
I still believe the biggest risk involved in skateboarding is driving to where you are going to skate. But try explaining that to a majistrate or a cop i wouldnt go there.We need a lawyer that Skateboards
I think what's happened here is that the cops have been a bit clueless about the road rules. Skateboards aren't vehicles and the cops can't classify them as such just because they want to. The cops have used the wrong charge and the magistrate realised it, and took the piss out of them by asking whether the skateboard "had a motor".

So now the cops have to go away and come up with a new charge. I don't think the road rules will be affected. However if the cops can come up with some creative charge ("causing offence"?, "scaring the horses"?) that sticks, we might find that cops all around the place will start using that charge, and that might be a Bad Thing.

Alternatively the cops might just end up charging the guy with the "skateboarding on a roadway" charge which has a fine of about $50.

Here's how the Qld Road Rules define "vehicle":

"15. What is a vehicle
A vehicle includes—
(a) a motor vehicle, trailer and tram; and
(b) a bicycle; and
(c) an animal-drawn vehicle, and an animal that is being
ridden or drawing a vehicle; and
(d) a combination; and
(e) a motorised wheelchair that can travel at over 10km/h
(on level ground);
but does not include another kind of wheelchair, a train, or a
wheeled recreational device or wheeled toy."

It seems that the magistrate's question about a motor was irrelevant, as bicycles don't have motors.
legitimacy on all roads... the cops might not know what their getting themselves into. I have no problem being treated as a road vehicle, means I can ride on highways, freeways, all main streets and cars have to give way to me. I'll have no problem sticking under 110km/h on the highway coming down from the Blue Mountains into Penrith. Might have to take special trips to QLD just to session their main drags. Not so good for a street board being forced onto the road.
scaring the horses bahahahaha

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