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Hard to find a set in better condition $320 shipped Aus wide

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arrrrgggg, now ill never sell mine!!!!!!!!!!
price drop
not yet bud
Still for sale guys . These really are in as new condition
haha....funny how six months ago every grom wanted to buy a set of kookies or precisions,..
its all about the lastest trend with most,...not wat is practical and works well.....
its all brand/ name now,...fuck the hype,its all about the riding guys,noone cares what setup you got,
its how rad u can ride it.........
not even grom stalls on this,and there the best 2nd hand kookies ive seen....pfft
Ive dropped em to 320 shipped. If no one wants them at that then I'm keeping them
hey man, been reluctent to post to be acused of grom stalling, i am interested in thease trucks, but wait for it... funding is low, iv just registerd for newtons and it't be nice to have some decent trucks, iv just put up a fair bit of gear for sale so i'll let you know asap.
i am keen but by no means let this post stop you if somone else jumps on em...
They're still up for grabs Callum
cool, ill let you know man
i no you said that you would keep them but ive got a friend who will prbs buy them at 275
but i no its quite low just thought all of a sudden you wanted to get rid of them at all costs



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