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At 8:44 on January 7, 2015,
ASRA Admin

with years of poor succession planning it has got to the stage where there is in effect no active board, and ASRA is now irrelevant!
People need to "get fairdinkum" and nominate, otherwise ASRA will die.
If the luge people want to have a crack, let em, because many of them are ex ASRA, and they are still making things happen.
The way to make sure you get the board you want is to encourage people, that you think would do a good job, to step up.....or nominate yourself!
As to the two weeks of the complaints I heard is that no one knew when or how to nominate, because it was not made clear in the meeting notice.
As to the luge bad-blood, it is time to forgive and forget, and let the new generation rebuild ASRA to what it was when we first ran at Bathurst.
Best wishes for 2015, and hope to see you at Canberra!

At 16:48 on September 18, 2013, martin pavey said…

yea fitz thats me in the photo yea seen the vid ! raced against martin sweeny late seventys early eightys awessome tight slalomer !


At 22:28 on September 9, 2013, Tony Flint said…

Yeah, great day on Sunday Fitz, thanks

At 19:49 on May 9, 2013, Ben freifeld said…

I have a friend with a machine shop.....Thing is ill probably have to pay him with a case or something like that. I'm also using cut-off or "waste" materials so the price is much lower. And all the hardware will be sourced locally (south coast fasteners). All of this results in a considerably lower price. 

At 17:15 on March 14, 2013, Mark Gorman said…

Hi Fitz

JG & MK unfortunaly cant make it,  I had a talk to Jack I will be bringing his cones along so we should have plenty, also some velcro  for peoples decks,  to stick on your timer if they want times.



At 16:35 on March 7, 2013, Mark Gorman said…

Hey Fitz

You still going to the Slalom on the 17th at Allawah, If not ,is there any chance i can catch up and get your cones for the day,  we need some cones.



At 23:20 on January 30, 2013, Lucas said…

hey fitz yeah for sure. currently i am in brasil travelling but when i get back to aus i will order the deck and deffs get the gear from u 

At 11:23 on January 14, 2013, Lucas said…

that price seems fair enough for all that it has. Once i get back in australia i will give u a call and we can discuss it more. In what deck did u use the jim z?

At 4:34 on January 14, 2013, Lucas said…
Hey fitz I am interested in the jimz for sure. Currently I am overseas. Would u have any idea on price for the whole pack ?
At 17:38 on October 23, 2012, nat jones said…

hey i think i mite of found your camera at the ditch what type is it?

At 22:40 on September 26, 2012, Chelsea said…
Thank you so much!!! All the advice you have given me is absolutely amazing!!! Can't wait to test it out!
At 21:39 on September 26, 2012, Chelsea said…

So I need some advice / help I keep screwing up my slides, I haven't been longboarding long however they are a big must have, advice?
At 22:39 on June 19, 2012, Will Smith said…

Hey Fitz, Wondering if you wouldn't mind writing down that process you had of making a bigger vaccum bag using the PVC. Thanks a lot, WIll

At 22:54 on May 21, 2012, martin pavey said…

hi fritz no i dont still have the helmet, went years a go like my youth.i have just started avoiding cones again after a 30 year rest

At 8:19 on April 15, 2012,
Premium Member
Hey Fitz, good to hear from you... Are you comming to Keira & Bathurst?
At 6:54 on February 24, 2012,
Premium Member
Conrad To
Woah thanks fitz, my first IDE was to test ceramics, biltins,standard reds and some cheap bearing, but Robbin said it would be better to test a whole company's range so I've gone with that idea. Thanks for the help I don't think you need to go all into it but that's for the idea I will definitely use that method! 
At 19:04 on February 23, 2012,
Premium Member
Conrad To

Hi fitz, i am doing an experiment for science which will involve testing if the more expensive bearings provide less friction then the cheaper one. the reason im asking you is robbo said you did all kinds of things with bearings and he said you might have a suggestion of how i could do an accurate test? thanks

At 22:50 on February 13, 2012,
Premium Member

That's all good.  Though it might be the case!  Cheers anyway

At 19:20 on February 6, 2012, Cents said…

I don't know whats been happening over at Randal but I cannot get hold of a 28* baseplate anywhere. They don't reply to my emails either and they have been out of stock since last year with no word of any coming in. Even Cindrich doesn't make low degree baseplates anymore - hoping they come out with their adjustable baseplate soon. 

Foam wedges sound great are they light? The rubber ones do weigh a bit and I'm thinking of getting the khiro wedging kit but not sure how much they weigh all up either. Though a single wedge would be thinner none the less - I am interested- how much and what degree? 

At 16:44 on February 6, 2012, Cents said…

Hey Fitz was wondering what your axle to axle wheel base is that you'd usually run. I've been wedging my back randal and its almost at its limit (unless you know where I can get > 3" bolts) - current wheelbase is 22". 95mm bennett front and 110mm randal back.


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