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At 0:52 on October 8, 2011,
Premium Member

BRO, It has been too long.

I hope you are coming to the beastern suburbs to explore the curvatures of time and space on skateboarding this sunday.

Bring your rad grom crew!

At 6:10 on June 30, 2011, Snoz said…
Thanks for the ad
At 17:35 on January 19, 2011, Chaz Whiteley said…

YEW!!! thanks man !!!!

I've made my gloves so im all keen on a skate soon!

At 7:18 on January 19, 2011, Chaz Whiteley said…

Hey dude, yeah i gotta get a pic soon ! 

And if you do have spear pivot cup that would be sweet tell us how much you want for it and i'll get some dosh cause it's going to be a bit before i save up enough money for new trucks. And i convinced dad to give me some money for some knee pads so i'll get them today and im making new slide gloves today as well.

We have to go shred again soon !

At 20:52 on January 18, 2011, Tristan Hannan said…
thanks again for the roll keen to do it all over again!!! and wat are those knee pads u recomended?? shred on tristan
At 20:27 on January 18, 2011, Col said…
Cool im in, better pull my finger out havent skated for a few mths now, keen to get back into it.
At 8:18 on January 18, 2011, Tristan Hannan said…
are you up for a roll today with darcy, jack and myself
At 21:51 on January 17, 2011, Tristan Hannan said…
hey alex im one of jacks glenns friends i skated with you and james late last year. im very keen for another session in the nearly future
At 22:03 on January 16, 2011, darcy hannan said…

hey alex i was the kid on the bike that time because my skater got run over. And i got my tan tien for xmas and i need a few tips because my mates that i was with are a little bit more advanced then me so if we could catch up sometime and hit up a hill that would be great because i would love to get some good slides going you know?

cheers DaRcY

At 6:36 on December 18, 2010, Kuro said…

Hi Alex, sorry i havent been online for a while.

no more pre-natal classes, hopefully i can fit in another skate before the baby arrives.



btw Steve graduated from the academy yesterday.


At 16:09 on September 6, 2010,
Premium Member
hey bro,ive changed my mind,ive sent you a pm.....sic
At 17:22 on September 4, 2010,
Premium Member
hey bro,was probably giving canberra a miss this year,just so i can afford adelaide,been super strapped for cash,shit year so far at work,every skate trip costs me a fortune,and the crew arent up for throin in much...gunna miss the ditch and owens slopestyles woulda been so over slalom bro and ive got to prioritise.....your goin to radelaide arnt you,wats your plan with that?
At 8:23 on June 2, 2010,
Premium Member
Rob Mcwhinnie
ALEXXXXXXXXX whats cracking brother,
At 2:39 on May 29, 2010,
Premium Member
hey man so its that time again, outlaw race same spot as last time, this time we will be camping the night before then racing nice and early, 20th june.

all the info is in the events page.

At 10:59 on April 23, 2010,
Premium Member

2nd corner old bar on 16th april from coastal watch yeeeew!!
At 4:37 on April 10, 2010,
ASRA Admin
Maga McWhinnie
hey alex,
how you doing with you quit smoking, hope not so bad is diff at the begining and we wil always get the craving but its our choice we did it before we left australia and when tried one here it felt weird not pleasent.
Hoiw is everything there how are the boys????
im getting better and loosing the fear from falling off again like that time in sydney it was GNARLY!! hahaa i fell off skating this little hill next to the hop shop . i was with blackwood and was wearinfg only a little dress and when i fell my dress fell down and scratch everything got a bit afraid from that tme......any way heree is really cool im taking it easy and with protection.
our wedding is coming soon is next week so we've being busy with it but we still manage to skate some time free.

keep on doing your crazy videos and we will stay in touch.

take care, ride the gnaaaar

At 0:32 on April 2, 2010, Joe said…
No worries dude.
Yeahh oath alex! We were looked after very welll, I was cracking up when you pulled out your fruit in the morning and Jackbro's dad brings out alll the bacon and eggs ahahah.

Yes! The confidence was coming back a great deal just from that one weekend, which I was super stoked on. Cheers bro!!! I hope to build alot more strength in my riding and in the shoulder for BTB.
Its going to be so rad, Your staying in the BTB house as welll right.....yewww can't wait.
Its unreal being at a party with the main majority being downhill skateboarders yewww!!!
At 18:43 on March 31, 2010, Joe said…
Yo shredder!!! Was super stoked for you getting second to dadbro, rad effort man. Was good catching up and having a roll with you's! Bring on BTB!
At 16:21 on March 25, 2010,
Premium Member
Rob Mcwhinnie
sweet as Bro, just watched all ya vids again while sitting up late, stoked w adrenalin ill be up for another hour, no safety hey, good on you, hope ya missus is supporting you, get out and skate everytime theres a cravin and youl fucking tear the streets apart.
Peru is Awsome, family over here is cool and chilled and im getting married on the 17th,
heaps of places to skate too,
At 7:26 on March 22, 2010,
Premium Member
Rob Mcwhinnie
hows it ging bro, what you been up too.


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