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At 21:30 on December 16, 2011, joshua Keir said…

yeah i think i found a crew around my areas but i just need to get some time own on my board before i really go out and meet people

At 18:12 on December 16, 2011, joshua Keir said…

oh sweet where abouts is this carpark?, and where abours in brisbane are you? like norht south?

At 21:38 on June 21, 2011,
Premium Member
i just looked through the videos and yeah i cant see it there either so i dunno sorry.
At 21:17 on May 30, 2011, Joel Francis Florido said…
Hahahahhaa queensland aint that bad is it?
Compare to Sydney...well I live in western Sydney at mount druitt...
It's ghetto lol.
Im studying at Griffith:)
Yeah dood well I'll let you know once I'm there, I get there June 3 at 9:30am.
I think the name of my street is Belmont cres.
At 8:45 on April 7, 2011,
Premium Member
Mack Daddie
just ordered some new sector gloves
thanks for your generosity broham
skating paddington Saturday? meet your place 12ish with billy
At 0:02 on April 7, 2011, Elliot O said…



Registered account indentification what?

A $10 dollar note will do me if that's possible...? hahaha

At 22:55 on April 6, 2011, Elliot O said…

When can I grab my $10 off you?

At 22:26 on March 28, 2011, Kristian Nishimura said…
Alright thanks dude, il have to check with my mates and see if their keen as well
At 12:13 on March 14, 2011,
Premium Member

They have half-cabs too.  You should come out to skate some time too, there are quite a few guys round st lucia now.

At 18:38 on February 21, 2011, Billy Bott said…
oh ok, cause i really wanted to go, just to have a bit of fun but i was grounded
At 20:09 on October 26, 2010,
Premium Member
mmm... I will think about them then... or just buy the clark rubber ones for $6...
At 18:00 on October 26, 2010,
Premium Member
Hey man, how long do those sakamoto foot break soles last for? and how much do you reckon it would cost to ship 4?
At 8:51 on October 22, 2010,
Premium Member
Yo when's this bungee surfacing next??
At 21:58 on September 5, 2010, Joey said…
i'm selling it complete. its practically new

here is the link.
At 19:53 on August 29, 2010, Ben Wa said…
Oh shit Issac, I've only just seen the post you left on my wall two months ago! ha ha ha. Thanks for that mate.
Well, now I now you, and I know where you live too. That car parks session was awesome, can't wait for the next one.
I'll try and catch you next weekend for a skate.
At 19:30 on August 29, 2010,
Premium Member
I wasn't thinking quite as thick as yours, probably just a thin plate on the top and bottom, I'll probably be able to botch something up myself if needed. I'll show you the damage when I see you next, it looks pretty sick, but still rides, just thinking of making sure it's still structually sound
At 18:23 on August 29, 2010,
Premium Member
Hey man, don't know if you got my message, but the tip of my board has been busted up.
I'm just wondering if I would be able to enlist the abilities of your father once more to fashion two metal braces to connect the two sides of the split? I'll try and bring a design to carparks this friday if you are going to be there
At 11:06 on August 21, 2010, Emily said…
hey man, I have an eye doctor appointment today at 12 so I can't go! I wish I could! I can pretty much for sure go skating anytime next week if your free.
At 14:45 on August 17, 2010, Conor Young said…
At 8:42 on August 17, 2010,
Premium Member
man, I just bought soundwave tickets, so I'm a little tight. I'll try and send something through, even if it is 10 or 20 bucks, hopefully should have it soon though


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