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So its taken me ages to write something up and races have been and gone but when I received this reply from Matti Rae the other day i though i should pass it on. I had been waiting for photos cause Yatesy had a rad set up on the night but he has been away for work and stuff.  If you read this Mr Yates we would love to see some of those shots one day.

This thank you goes out to all who raced. $226 deposited into Matti's account.

"money is all there bro...
I know i must sound like a broken record by now, but THANK YOU!!
It a massive help, and my family thanks you also!


As far as the event goes it was a ripper. It was almost a lesson i what not to do, but some how have the skate gods smile on you and pull off a rad race anyway.

What not to do

  • Try to hold a race on a hill you have never actually seen youself.
  • At night. (cause its hard enough to try and race and organise at the same time let alone at night on a hill you have never skated, especially when your a 35 yr old relative noob to the whole dh racing thing.)
  • Right in the middle of brisy by the river and one of the biggest universities in the city.
  • Expect skaters to follow meeting instructions and stuff (cause they all run late and ring the back up number anyway, not to mention practice skate the hill right in the middle of the end of last lecture commute HAHAH)

above- try figuring out the winners in this light.

What to do.

  • Listen to Merrick and Rob, ( you guys will know what i mean)
  • Get some absolute freaking legends to help you out, Mike, Elliot, Matty, Davin.
  • Rope in extra help on the night, Lesso, Benbro.
  • have an initial marshaling area out of the view of the hill. (cops)
  • Ask the rad sponsors for lots of LITTLE prizes so you can make sure everybody gets some loot. (Arbi was SOOO stoked with his little wallet sized skate tool)


above- skaters go mad for prizes! The sponsors were super generous!



So i rocked up to mike's house stuffed around skated the plan B hill which may have been a mistake cause i should have headed straight to the race hill to suss it out so i could have got it dialed. But i wasn't in it to win it. ( The race ran much smoother after i got some dude race in my round three heat and decided to make sure i came last. So i could actually follow the draw i had done up.)

As i first approached the hill it was traffic central and i was thinking "am i nuts."

There was the odd random "Jake" running the hill in between traffic, and a lot of puzzled looks.

There must have been at least one person who called the cops cause right on cue after heaps of practice runs, i was just trying to have a safety meeting to get us started, and the cops turned up. With their side of car search lights beaming and going slow along the hill............ Gut sinks to the ground and out your toes, UUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHH.........

Car parks were mentioned and plan b hill discussed...........words of wisdom from Matty down the two way. "lets sit it out for 20 mins".

20 mins later it was on.......... No sign of police all night.

above- lazy council workers

We were on our toes as there was a enough cars to keep things interesting at the start line. But thing ran relatively smooth once i managed to explain the draw to a few people.


Funny bits,

  • Lundmark twins getting their race number swapped. What the..... Messing with my head.
  • Two dead heat re races. Josh E and Jeremy Rogers, Merrick and Mike.
  • Lachlan from the goldy having a good natured spew cause he thought he had been eliminated first race, only to all of a sudden be stoked when i explained to him i had a repercharge tree and he would race again. He ended up making it through to the semis i think.
  • Magga being a legend.
  • Me running in to the back of Skittles at the end of the first round as we both foot breaked to a stop.
  • Dudes making triathlon jokes as i jogged back up the hill to make sure the draw was going OK.
  • Jeremy Rogers, "who has a race on Thursday night any way?", and again " I was holding the best lines in that race,,,, right up until the moment when i fell off"
  • When the cops saw rob sitting on the side of the road with his leg in a cast they asked him if he had seen any skateboarders, when he said no, they asked him if he was right for a lift home? ( i guess they aint all bad)

There was some ripper racing all night.

I can highly recommend the repercharge format that bugs cooked up for me.

28 races in total and relatively easy to follow if you know how it works. A bit hard when you have been asked to do it second hand under a tree by torch light when 007 is racing. All the kinks ironed out, and it was sweet.


Benbro won, Glyde
Crash Gnarmatige second, Early/Fat pigeon
Minglish third, Daddow
The Chad fourth, Daddow


above- Mike English, THE CHAD, Benbro and Ash.

Go Australian made boards !!!!!!

If i have spelt names wrong, forgotten good stuff, or misquoted anyone i am sorry but i have to say a big thanks to all the guys and girls who came. 



above- Top Class! Merrick, Jase and Benbro



cr8ive sk8





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Premium Member
Comment by Skittles on June 30, 2011 at 16:13
and not Goodtime! :p
Comment by Jezza on June 30, 2011 at 17:48
bit of miscomunication on our part, didn't read adams message till the day after...

Premium Member
Comment by Skittles on June 30, 2011 at 20:25

It's all good, there's always next time!

Premium Member
Comment by Skittles on July 1, 2011 at 10:35
Once you get you pendy's down i will take you there, it's fast and tight!

Premium Member
Comment by Adam on July 1, 2011 at 10:49
You did know about the date for weeks leading into it. What you have said here suggests I contacted you last min. Which is not the case. Goodtime's name was down as a sponsor on the event page for around three weeks.
No disrespect but it was well organized.
Comment by rory on July 1, 2011 at 10:55
i live pritty close to dutton park,
iam pretty keen too try it

Premium Member
Comment by Arbi on July 1, 2011 at 16:50
Cheers A and good on ya for doing it! have to get Skatement on the podium next time.

Premium Member
Comment by Adam on July 1, 2011 at 22:49
Cheers arbi.
Just all the raddest skaters have sponsors and dont ride my boards. You should see the latest board I'm doing right now.

Premium Member
Comment by Matthys on July 1, 2011 at 22:56

maybe you should change that adam ;)

get some mangroms stoked ;)

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