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our oz skate family reunites to celebrate Chris life and have an awesome skate together!

RIP Chris Renz 


Following the tragic loss of Chris Renz recently, the community was devastated, most of us were shocked and deeply saddened by the news. A hole was left in the band of brothers. So unfortunate that he passed away as a result of doing what we are all so passionate about, DH. We thought it important to mark his passing with a DH event, marking the day and celebrating his life. The Jerryhill Riot, a grassroots event, was only a week out from the tragic event and with a gathering of riders from all over our country it seemed like the perfect way to pay tribute to our mate. Renzys Riot was born.


JerryHill top to bottom.

At the base of the blue mountains, on the great dividing range, runs a valley far away from almost anything, we have been finding, skating plenty of new runs up here and there's been a few races out here over the years too, with a little bit of chunder on the cards most riders don’t come here and nothing has been blown out, yet.


learning lines in practice, top corner. JumpStart photo

freeriding with the boys - Photo Pickles

Jerry hill has been session'd for a while now by Mitch and the central west locals, its long and winding, grass skirted and has plenty of vision. The race hill is 2.2km and needs no drifts, the road is wide and after a little concreting work is pretty good for a country road. Riders were offered to stay at “the Barn”, organised by Duddy, it allowed 50+ racers to set up tent, crack a beer and talk shit around a burning fire. A somber but festive get together prerace.


inside apex concrete work

the King collective, keeping moral high and remembering their mate on race day.

Alex young and Minglish making the trip from outastate for the event

Bast frothing, looked fast all day but crashed as rain started to fall in the finals!


Race Day

We layed out 30 haybails over the track, 30 more then we've ever brought before for an event. Placed traffic warning signs a few hundred meters up either side of the track and kept all parked cars off the race hill and together. The focus had to be on safety and fun for the race, one of the Mums, Thea Young, scored 8 walkie talkies to add to our 6, so every corner had a marshal and the camera crew where all connected. The bus was balls and only managed 20km/h up hill and had to do 2 runs per round, slowing the pace a little.

big wheels leading the pack - Jumpstart photo

Rachel Baggels from Cali came to race, photo Stretch Photography

maga enjoying the speed - photo Gino Soliman

mitch leading Bast - Gino Soliman photo


Riders from 4 states made it out, holding it down for NSW wouldn't be easy. Duber was ready for racing early and had great form, same to Dejan. I thought the big boys would have no problem on this hill but little guys like Tyron and Mitch fought their way past them and knocked out a lot good riders on the way to the finals. After 3 Round Robin with more than 50 riders , it looked like Qld was going to dominate, but only the 2x Junior World Champion managed to hold off the locals: Connor Fergusen was on top form and used his weight and skill to take out the finals in opens. A great win to kick off the season.


Maga qualified to the opens and was the only girl battling the big boys in the elim tree- Pineapple Perspective


Duber hunted by Alex through the fast right - photo by Stretch Photography

stand out rider of the day Tyron Knight, shredding. photo by Gino Soliman

haulin tits, Connor on his way - photo by Gino Soliman

fat boys got skills.

We held a grom final, top 8 qualified groms all in one heat, le mans start, with the 4 top in front then the 5th-8th riders in a second starting line behind. It was a bit of carnage apparently and the fight was hard for the top spots, Zac made a late charge to claim 3rd and Mitch had to once again concede to the Alpha Grom! Tyron Knight who took 2nd in opens and now 1st in the Groms.

mitch, local rider leading the pack. - pineapple express photo

heavy battle going on - photo by Dan hawkins

hair in the wind and bossin lines, great to have Luca Coleman on the scene rippin it up 

last corner to finishline - photo by Harrison Hansford

The masters Division or Jerryatrics was a one run and done event, I (Rob) decided to have a roll with the boys and see the track, first time in leathers down the hill i almost ate shit twice. haha naot that fun at all. Neil Duddy got the lead early and after i almost took out BenBro, he bolted away to keep a safe distance too, Pickles had plenty of practice and dialed his lines in to hold on to 3rd for the day. Duddy didnt miss a beat and took out his first Masters Division win, the start of many i hope.


pickles 3rd - duddy 1st - benbro 2nd

masters division

closeup of the bush style trophies 

crowd and cloud gatherin

Zac 3rd - Tyron 1st - Mitch 2nd

grom podium. is it the next generation? i think they already have it by the balls. 


bruce - rob - neil doing the ceremony 


Congrats guys

Mitch Thompson 3rd - Connor Ferguson 1st - Tyron Knight 2nd

The event was a lot of stress to put together, a grassroots race for the wider community. there's always so much at risk when holding this sort of thing and the more people that come and from further away the stress levels rise. without the help of every one around me it wouldn't be possible. Maga is so important to the operation, doing all the data crunching and finer details makes it possible and run smooth. Also the boys on raceday that volunteer to make sure it runs smooth, Benbro and Neil did an awesome job keeping the track safe and running, Ash, Matti, Thea Young, the King, gromets at marshalling corners, Bruce in the bus, Gareth in the ute, Robbo at basement, Dad "Maddog" and my uncle "buffalo boy", Darryl at These Wheels for the swag and basement, Bear Trucks,  Oneliner for their contributions too, it all helped incredible to make it a successful event, one to remember and a special one to mark our mates passing.


ONELINER clothing made up some race shirts, theres only 40 in rotation so look after it.

see title on shirt for awesome custom miss print

Our two girls were kicking ass all day


Maga -  probably one of my favorite things about DH skateboarding is our community, is not just a common sport community, we are a family!  I’m so happy that everyone had a great great time,  it’s wasn’t just  a race  but we got enjoy each others company and  our love of skating down a sick hill together and like Bruce said it, there is so much camaraderie and inclusion at these gatherings, old guys helping young guys; young groms whooping old guys and all done with a smile...mostly and that can sum what happened at Renzy’s Riot.


The first time I met Chris he came to our shop, he wanted to register for an event we where holding at Keira, after racing it he was so stoked on how much he got to just skate, happy to meet the local crew and ever since then we became good friends…. he came to all of our events, skate trips, lazy afternoons, bbqs and just never stop skating. My last memory of Chris will always be his massive contagious smile going down the hill, that was what we all felt at  Renzy’s Riot…. Hope we marked the day in your honor, my dear friend! 

ride on brothers - yewwwwhooo








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