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In its second year now, Code Red Outlaw is undoubtedly Australia’s gnarliest DH outlaw track, with speeds quickly accelerating to over 80kmh and a +100ft drift needed for the dropping lefthander, it requires balls of steel and a solid style to handle the speed and cornering.

code red - Adam Smith steezing it all dayAdam Smith steezing it all day

We began the day with a downpour of rain, “oh god” we repeated at the top of the hill. we waited it out and after 30mins it had passed and track clean up began. Racing this hill in the wet was an option if it came to it, but no one was looking forward to it.

code red - canadago canada!

it was gnarly enough.

SONY DSCno prize for hitting the pole taj

With around 20 riders on the hill, it was the smallest showing for any event on the hill, only 11 would go to race it. but its not the quantity of riders that makes a good event its the quality. Every racer that came on the day surpassed all my expectations of their shredability. The hill is fast, narrow and fucking gnarly, yet after a couple hours corner sessioning, all the riders where keen and capable of mobbing top to bottom.

josh was killing it all dayjosh was killing it all day

Racing is 2man heats, and with some experienced riders like Dejan and Matti Rae lurking around it looked like an epic showdown, but as racing go’s anything can happen. Bathurst local and one of the fastest groms on track Mitch Thompson took an early spill and retired for the day, Dejan blew the fast lefty and ended up being passed on the bridge by young Josh Hardwick.

code red - the winning pendy style from Matti!the winning pendy style from Matti!

Matti Rae was solid through out practice and racing, busting high speed slides and getting good grip out and over the bridge. he moved into the finals with Josh and Adam Smith for a 3man finale. Adam had been bossing the run too, top goofy rider on the day had to negotiate the course, idk how and did it with steeze.

code red - matteo and me in a conci runmatteo and me in a conci run

when finals went down the two guys not in leather ended up on top! crazy nutters!

code red - josh hardwick, Matti Rae, Adam Smithjosh hardwick, Matti Rae, Adam Smith

After the finals and Matti Rae decisively taking the win a challenge was posted, Dejan on Matti for the King of the Hill battle. with both riders keen to finally have a race together they went to the top to commence the fastest heat of the day. Dejan won off the push and led Matti full tilt down into the 70km/h chicane. i was there to witness the sickness, only inches apart both riders hit the apexes and where mobbing, as matti exited onto the straight he got a small twitch on the rear truck and instantly sent him flying, really flying, he flew off the road before landing in scrub land, barreled through the scrub with out slowing down directly at an old burnt out gum tree some meters off the course and ploughed right into it. so gnarly, he was a bit winded but allright, he had still won Code Red but and nothing could take away his still beaming smile.

heated racing between dejan and mattiheated racing between dejan and matti

so if that wasnt a gnarly enough event we stepped it up and ran a no-hand event, 4man style.

One of Aussies top riders and a world leader in standup Rob Laing had a horrible accident in the finals, pushing your limits like he does has achieved some absolutely amazing things (200ft standie) but also puts you a higher chance of it all going wrong. we are all with you mate and wish you a speedy recovery, your a complete shredding machine and hope your doing alright.

code red - rob laingits rob laing at code red, can you guess how big this slide was?
SONY DSCCali looking so good in the new lid!
SONY DSCStand up heats

Racing this shit was epic, E P I C! the gnarliest race hill i can find has now been destroyed no-hands down. when i saw the riding from guys like Rob Laing, Taj Elshaikh, Cali Ali and Lachlan Rustler especially, it was evident we have created something undeniably next level. Full leather mobbing into big standups, 4 man wide racing on Code Red! the rest of the world will get a real shock when our Sydney shredders hit the big time.

SONY DSCanother new winner!
SONY DSCno hands down in leathers – yewhoo awesome riding Taj!

The 5th stand up only race and the 5th different winner, couldn’t ask for a better start to the new discipline.


SONY DSCMitch drifting inside lines
SONY DSCtrout pout for days
SONY DSCthats me and my new leathers

Thanks to everyone for coming out, stepping it up and having a great day, I’ll miss all of you on my travels and can’t wait to see how much everyone has progressed when I get back around Xmas.

SONY DSCKING OF THE HILL, wanted the win but thats racing.

cheers Robbo and Basement skate for the constant support of Sydneys DH scene.





you’re in winning form mate, keep it up.


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