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Ainslie Son of a Ditch, January 28 2007

The Ainslie Ditch isn't for the faint-hearted. Although it isn't steep, the transitions are abrupt, the flat bottom is narrow, and the whole thing is divided into segments separated by rows of concrete teeth and oddly mismatched walls. The perfect location for a race!

The gnarl factor meant that everybody started slowly, but as confidence grew people started to really attack the course. Jed Goggin slashed his first time by 21 seconds, and Greg Ambler arrived late but still managed to snag 3rd place with just his 4th run.

An enormous thank you goes to the CROSS (Canberra Region Old School Skaters) Crew for putting together such a smooth-running and slick event. Canberra is a natural home for racing, with more drains, and more smoothly-paved and empty roads than anywhere else in Australia.


  1. 20.66 Jason
  2. 21.29 Scott Spring
  3. 21.75 Greg Ambler
  4. 21.79 Dave Pang
  5. 21.91 Danny Van
  6. 22.52 Dave Robbertson
  7. 22.69 Jimmy
  8. 22.83 Macca
  9. 23.28 Mexi
  10. 23.44 Neil
  11. 23.57 Dave G
  12. 25.13 Warren
  13. 25.22 Paul CROSS
  14. 26.10 Jed Goggin
  15. 26.89 Mick T


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Shot by James Hopkin.

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