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The BTS tape switches are the brainchild of Greg "Groundhangers" Ambler, whose backyard workshop is a scene of fevered skateboarding invention. Just like the Professor on Gilligan's Island, who made a radio of grass and coconut shells, Greg has created a guide on how to make tape switches out of ordinary household items.

This is a feat not to be underestimated - buying tape switches from commercial suppliers like can be an expensive business.

These tape switches were used for a full day of racing at Allawah and were 100% reliable. Read on for a detailed guide to make your own.

And if you're interested in having a wholly home-made timing system, here's a guide on how to build your own timer.

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ASRA Admin
Comment by Bugs on June 15, 2008 at 22:03
One thing we learnt today is that while these tape switches have been very reliable in the past, they are not waterproof.

ASRA Admin
Comment by bernie on June 15, 2008 at 22:22
I made a set for myself.
Too easy.
Thanks Greg!
I also got my timer with the radio link running today, in an undercover carpark.
Having your own system makes monitoring your training so much easier.

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