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wat board are you guys pushing around

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rayne killswitch mini paris 180's

original freeride38 rockerconcave with bear grizzly 852s and abec11 retro zigzags lemon

rayne killswitch, caliber 50s, freeride race forms and biltin bearings

Loaded Tan Tien, Randal 180s, orangatang baults 80a

Koastal Wave dancer (56") with revenge trucks and orangotang gnarly its like surfing on the road

Kebbek Ben Dubreuil 20th Anniversary series, caliber fifties, sector nine butterballs, DBS abec 7 bearings

fang sabre best 50 cals blackout with venom bushings and tekton bearings with either my butter balls or race wheels

vault atlas abec 7 83a wheels and vault standard trucks



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