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wat board are you guys pushing around

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drop speed :)

i ride a earthwing carbon belly racer :P

landyachtzevo with randal180mm, modus blacks and abec 11 bigzigs 77a reflex forms and a landyachtz switch, paris 180mm trucks, 70mm "4" wheels, bones swiss labrynths


does the evo slide at all


if not then I resort to a Nelson Spindrift or Comet Voodoo Doll

i love the Voodoo Doll

9two5, bear 852's, 82a zombie hawgs and venom bushings

dervish flex1 for dancing round the burbs.. ns soldier dt for faster freeriding and downhill.. looking at buying a whole new freeride setup for learning standies though and keep my ns mainly for bombing.

Landyachtz Chinook, Bear 852, Orangatang InHeat 86A and OUST Moc 7 Speeeed Bearings!

rayne nemesis with randal 180mm and oops freerides

Lush Samba, Lush Kisiwa and S9 Barra.

Eastside rocky bomber, randal 180's



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