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Hey all, I'm pretty new to Perth and I'm keen to get back into longboarding. Just picked up a skid lid and some fresh wheels so I'm super freaking keen. Located in Attadale, but for the next few days I'm housesitting in Yokine and was wondering if there were any spots around Yokine safe for a night sesh? I'm another bloody kiwi that can't cope with the heat as well as wanting to break my wheels in and finally learn how to toe check haha -.-

Any help appreciated, cheers all!!

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hey man, 

its pretty rare anyone uses this forum these days unfortunately. we are all pretty active on fb tho. if you want to find me there and add me i'll point you in the direction of other skaters and fb groups. also depending on your age as to who you wanna be skating with. if you're in ya 20's you dont wanna be skating with kids kinda thing. i work fifo but i am home at the end of the week. hella keen to skate. a night sesh would be g. 




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