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Daddow Foam Core Slalom board for sale with, CZ Trucks, and wheels as seen in pic

For sale

Doddow foam core, CZ trucks, 70mm wheels


All brand new. Never riden unfortunatly.

The wheels are new but not bearings. You most probably what your own preferance anyway.

Bushes are Reflex

Cant think of the brand of footstop

Vicious Grip Tape or something very similar, cant remember which


$550 firm Pick up or buyer pays freight From CBR

CZ Trucks special order from Sk8kings. Cant tell you how they go as have not even riden them. 

PM Me here or on Charlie

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I can't afford it bit wow it looks sexy as.

PM via charlie.

Most likly sold

what are the deck dimensions?

Scotty took it back in Feb. Steve may be still making them I think. They were about 240 back then



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