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OK, looks like there is a big green light!

So now lets see who is up for organising slalom at Bathurst.......

Team Naccos, Mountain Mick, Mark, Marek, Fitz, Scotty, Bueller??????

(not sure if I can get there this year)

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Its a big trip but I may be there for points. Very cool.


YES. Need an excuse to attend now that i am not a cranky old luge fart and just an ordanary skater! Will compete Burnie and do what ever i can to help out.

Good one Dave. 

Canberra events are the smoothest!

I'm up for it and we only likely need 2 or 3 to organise it. While I am a big believer in "build it and they will come" maybee would be good if we could get a bit of pre- interest. The Slalom group has 75 members so I'll send them all a PM/email asking for a show of interest. If we keep it long board friendly it is likely that anyone at Bathurst as a spectator is a skater and would show some interest.

Im in, and will do what ever i can to help out

OK, looks like Dave, Mark and Marek are up for it, and one or two more organisers would be a big help to make sure that no one gets stressed.

Let me know who wants to take the lead and takeover the event page.

See my mad ideas: 

You will need to sort out entry fees and prizes, but I would recommend keeping it low key, so that we can make it attractive to all of the longboarders...and kids on Penny's.

2 Days off Slalom and GS Bernie ,, sounds great, Think we have left it a bit late 

OK, official word: Yes.


Using the track is not possible - there's not enough time.

Using the area after the finish line is not possible - it would require shifting the location of the road closure so that it affects another two residents, and those two residents are not part of our agreement with the council. (The issue with residents at Bathurst is always a big headache.)

This leaves Skyline (behind the start line) as the only option. It has the advantage of being right where all the racers congregate, and all the racers will have to skate past after every one of their runs as it is between the bus drop off point and the start line. Here's a map to show exactly what I mean:

So there'll need to be enough room for people to skate past, and for ambulances to get through, and for slalomers to stop before hitting the crowd in front of the start line etc. But I think it can fit.

Apart from the fun of having a slalom race (yeah!) I think it'll be a great addition to the event as a whole. Unfortunately we won't get to see if Mischo can slalom - he's getting shoulder surgery and is missing the race.

Should be easy enough to run, and a bit of fun for everyone.

Just a thought No entry No Prize, Set up a tight run with Alternate Orange White Cones, If you have a slalom deck do all the cones,, others can do the the orange, or all, just a bit of fun,

With such short notice, i dont think we could do timers, but as i said i will do what ever i can to help, Bugs bring up 50+ Cones ill set them up and run it ,




OK, will bring cones.

You've got three days - Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Need to focus it in a little I think. I can bring Trakmate timer and tape switches and cable to stretch from start to finish. Single lane would be easy to set up.

Getting people to skate alternate cones is difficult cos the desired line is through the middle of the "other" cones. Better to set two separate course alongside each other, but use the same start and finish line. Make one course white and the other orange, and chalk them with white and orange chalk so there's no confusion. And get some white and orange crayon to mark them if you want the markings to survive rain and overnight dew.

Bugs is right. You need timers or it just going to be social riding.

Alternate longboard friendly course is more trouble than it will be worth as skaters on the wayback to the start line will try to dodge a few cones on downhill rigs and mow all the cones down and continue on to start line

Need to work out best way of running it as a comp. Head to head will be hard if we are looking to include Newtons riders as its hard to get everyone together at the same place and time to run it as you would a typical CHC event.

Best of number of Number of runs or average of runs probably best way to go. Track could be left set up for fun and practice but timed runs only monitored over certain time periods. Say timed runs between 11am and 1pm Sat and Sun.

If we want as many entries as possible loaner boards will be required at the start ramp. Some downhillers will have them but most wont.

That way riders can fit in runs when they can.

If it is run as a comp Bugs what entry fee is required for Slalom only entrants to cover insurance?

As Bernie did post an event will it be included in points??


I will chase up CROSS or PC to locate a Start ramp. smaller CROSS ramp may suit short course better




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