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Allawah Slalom Fun Day.

Hey guys, we will have a social slalom day at Allawah 25th October at 10am. The plan is to do some wiggling and we will also have extra cones and mark out a longboard course.

So let all your longboard mates know and come along and join the crew for some good times. Bring your family and even bring pop for a roll on a longboard.

25th October 2014



“it’s not about the winning, it’s all about the grinning”

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Well done Palooka ,, Its in the book  :)

Hey Retro, I was out on my slalom board on Sunday for, the first time in months and thought "must call a session at Allawah soon" 25th on the Saturday yeah?

John ,, Will set it up as a Event on ASRA  and FB over the week end,  can post the links onto some of the other sites sos mash charlie etc to get the word around..

Cheers MG



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