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Remember any old spots you used to roll or still do? Any epic ramps,bowls,drains and hills that no longer remain? Lets hear about em and see some pics if possible!

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I (mostly) grew up on the Central Coast/ Gosford, where "Baker St Car Park" was our local meet up / wet weather session joint - high curbs and driveway curb hips you could ollie an otto bin off. The carpark itself was very shit with no good lines. Had a nice wall ride though as well... no doubt kids still go there but with a Park up that way now, it wouldn't be like the (good) old days ,)

Woodwards, also at Gosford. Hard to believe we would session this place for hours... backside 360 cess slides ,)

ok... so maybe I went around taking pictures of all my old haunts last year ,)

This one though, was a more recent visit, on the way to Canberra from Sydney, it's hidden up to the left just before Wingecarribee Bridge. I know of no-one else to skate this place ;) Unfortunately it was icy this morning a few weeks ago and the ditch at the end needs a few hours cleaning up - I haven't skated here for about 10 years, so yeah, anyone want to shovel it out sometime? ,)

View from the top - the first 1/3

the middle third

the bottom 1/3

The bottom from the other angle...

Another stop off on the way to Canberra from Sydney, usually always pretty clear with plenty of small pipe obstacles ,) very hard to spot from a car for some reason...

Brad B - you going to Canberra Conehead Cup?
I'm thinking the travellers to Canberra stop at the ditch before Wingecarribee Bridge, clean it and session it.
Yeah, I definitely want to check it out (coneheads) and it would be good to clean it up a bit... it's a bit rough and all, but fun enough for a stop off on the way ,)
In 1975 this is where I used to skate, Rye Crescent the Tintagel end. It's a bit different now in that the buildings at the corner of rye Crescent and Quilter road used to be 3 storey masonettes, we used to call them flats in the 70's I think you call them apartments here (what? what did i say?) when we got to the bottom of Rye crescent we had to pull tight right to se if anything was coming down the road......this week I spoke to someone I used to skate with at the time and neither of us can ever remember looking fu@$%ed up is that?.....I once fired down quilter road behind a milk float and it stopped ( I think it was me not sure; done a lot of beer since then) thought I'd share.
First "bowl/roundwall"(?) i ever skated, has a little snakey run thing that leads into it, probably skated it first when i was about 13 after hearing rumours about it for about a year. Still get back there every now and then cant disclose location as its on private property, Forster NSW

its funny how as a skater you know where every slight bank is...Port Macquarie

Johle over bonnet on an ancient bank which sort of has a coping block at the top, first skated it aroun 1984!

Around Forster in the late eighties was pretty cool for skater kids, we had grass ski park which was a private pay to skate series of vert ramps with a killer "W" ramp, it had a board riders club with monthly comps, there was another amazing indoor mini/vert complex set up by a local surfboard shaper which was incredible! Unfortunately i have no pics of any of it, but at the same time these banks (there are alot more not pictured) at forster council chambers were skated intensively, (at the time skatin life was full of pics of manly corso so we thought this was our version) probably why forster ended up with a half decent skatepark. I cant believe im putting a pic of this up but if you knew the hours i spent here it might make sense



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