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What do you ride?
Post sum pics!

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dont have the omni anymore

instead of the omni
i guess that Toby (The Hop Shop Grom) is the only person with a board
no pics atm but ive just set up my comet pagan for dh with 52 randals venom barrels, 4 prez purp tangs and reds, for freeriding i am using a clb eleanor with crail bomber combo(also use for dh) and my beloved 85mm speed vents which are coning quite nicely
My lovely killswitch with chrome bears and purp otangs and reds.... best buy
i have a
with 180 randal r11
ninja stars
and lime big zigz!
rayne avenger 09, black bears and some durains/in heats :D
09 hellcat, randall r-11, otang in heats, reds. lovin it
demonseed witg bears and big zigs
chrome bears
landyachtz evo with bears, reds and green big zigs

at the moment i have a tan tien, but thats not really a good downhill board so i am hoping to get a 9two5 or vendetta once i save up

praxis - pics on my profile...



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