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Heres a tread to post all slalom sessions on.
Anywhere on the Central Coast or Newcastle.
Easy to do.
1. Find suitable location.
2. Get some cones.
3. Gather some crew.
4. Tell others who are keen.
5. Shred the tar.

I'll start.
Tommorow Sunday 17 October.
Slalom at Pinacle Place, Somersby. 2 pm. ( Industrial area )
All welcome. Just a fun sesh with some sliding on the short steep road as well.
Boomerdog & Andy will be there to set up.

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i need a lift from narara station any helpers? pleaseeee
What are the criteria for a suitable location?
quiet backstreet,no traffic,smooth pavement,friendly neighbors or no neighbours,gentle to moderate slope,few hundred metres long,..

Site at Cardiff we are having the grom school in would be perfect I think. NO CARS, new smooth road, Maybe a bit short. I will measure it.

Benbro said:

quiet backstreet,no traffic,smooth pavement,friendly neighbors or no neighbours,gentle to moderate slope,few hundred metres long,..

Ok, sorry about the short notice.


Sunday 23rd jan. 3:30 - 6:30pm.

Venue is Gated carpark at WADALBA Sportsfields. opposite end to skatepark.

Enter off Pacific Hwy opposite The Dam Hotel into Figtree Blvd, LEFT at first roundabout into Orchid way,

then LEFT into Van Stappens Rd at high school. Park at gate at the end.

You'll see us. lead in road & carparks. good rollout zone.

Hope to see you there.


Good fun today. We'll be using this venue alot for slalom & longboard sessions in the future.

Great area for Groms, Newbs & more expierinced riders.

We'll aim to set the next one up on SUNDAY 6th FEB. 3:30pm.

For those who can get to 'Church of Slalom' in Sutherland;

Course will be set to suit beginers, with a timing system.

All welcome. Skate everything !!!!!

Probably wont make it to Church of Slalom but a Wadalba session sounds good.

For sure Uan. Be good to catch up for a roll again.

Bring up a crew if you want.

I might post it in events as well. Church of Slalom - Central Coast.



uan whozarmy said:

Probably wont make it to Church of Slalom but a Wadalba session sounds good.

PC may have another gated venue - will check it tomorrow

try to fit in a roll this weekend

Adcock on new wheels, very nice evening.

wanted to raise central coast slalom event as a discussion and i dont have  a contract phone so message board is the best forum for me

i have looked at several sites which can be locked off and dont have large  hire fees and i think wadalba has a lot to offer for a formal event - on site - parking, skatepark, playground, shade, bbq's,  paths etc so families and spectators aren't perched next to a road with nothing else to do

we can get wadalba for minimal fee in october on a sunday to fit with sat ditch race

BUT insurance is required to book and close venue, use toilets etc so that is a big issue to be overcome - sell chocolates? beg extremely generous sponsors?

dates are the other one - i saw this on the  other board from bernie:

"There is no need to wait for anyone.
Just do it!

CHC2011 round W Newcastle .....?
CHC2011 round X Melbourne... (MOSSJAM weekend) 13th November 2011
CHC2011 round Y Canberra .... After MOSSJAM possible 1st week December
CHC2011 round Z Sydney......???

Melbourne will be happening, and it will be good to know who else is interested in organising a round in their state, and when."

so if we go first then it would be late october maybe then melbourne etc.

knowing the guys in cross i would bet they have definite dates in mind - any one got intel on that?

i agree with bernie and  i love to race slalom on gentle grades so wanted to start this discussion and see what level of interest is

maybe some wings offsets and zipper end

if we can lock in a site i can get some help with promotion and perhaps operating costs (insurance is the key)

there is is an abundanceof skills necessary to do this already in the naccoss community

(i would ask that someone with a maths brain does the tree diagram though)

Sound good Boyd, october if a fair way off, so I'm sure we can work on those details in that time.

It would be great to have a legit event up here.  

Wadalba allows for a range of slaom racing events so we could have a main race plus a cruiser class & timed laps of the oval push race.

Lets get a slalom session happening soon & throw a few more ideas around.

I'll put the word out & see who's up to help out.




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