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Sorry if you guys think I'm just having a gripe but the Enry Fee's for the World Cup Rounds here in Oz are a bit extreme I feel. Don't know what they are o/s and it doesn't really matter for me as I'm not racing o/s.

Ya know it all gets a wee bit exxy in a time when the economy totally sucks (globally too).

Just for a comparison in the Speedway Class I compete it's $40 - $100 to enter depending on the Promoter or Track (AU Title or not). And I get up to 7 races in a night. Sprintcars are around $100 to $250 per meet. Targa Meetings are upto $10000 but that includes all Insurances.

Billycart racing is a Gold Coin donation or the Aussie Title is $5 - $20 with Insurances included. At one BC race meet I had 34 races but at most I get 9 races.

At Zig-Zag here in Tassie the Entry was gold coin and the swag was bountiful and the runs were plentiful. 

Last year at Bathurst Street Lugers got up to three or four Practice runs and the rain took care of their racing (that's fair enough). BBr's got no practice and no races (due to time constraints and the weather).(Don't know how many runs the Stand Ups had)

Some of the Entrance Fee is handed back if the Event is a wash out. This goes on in all other class's that I've mentioned except Billycarts as almost no one's going to gripe about a $5 Entry (although I had one once). 

In all the sports I've competed the Sponsors paid for or part paid for some of the Entry for Competitors. At the end of the day yes I know the Organizers put it all together (been there plenty of times) and in all case's the Sponsors Dollars (or part of) were used to at least offset the burden on Competitors.

It's the riders who the Show is about and lets face it all the Riders are in the Entertainment Industry (wittingly or not) and it's not their fault if the Event Organizers (in the past) seemed unable to promote the event on a large enough scale to attract a big enough crowd (or Sponsors) to turn a Profit, so why are the Entrants slugged with what I deem as unfair Entry Fee's.

So, what about it ASRA? Is there a way our racing can be made more affordable?


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Race entries are the same worl wide for IGSA events.

The difference between small local races and world class events are HUGE! Was Zig Zag in tassie on a closed road with up to 100 hay bails, shuttle buses to the top, insurance, road hire, bands, camping, riders packs, water and all the rest? I doubt it. No doubt it was an awesome event but not a world class event capable of drawing people in from all over the globe. If you wanna complain about entry fees, look towards Europe who's fees are the same figure but in Euros not Aussie dollars, plus a flight to Europe, car hire or train tickets.

If I remember correctly, the lugers voted not to race. Stand up voted to race and we got a lot of runs in. If it rains this year, I would suggest youvote to ride (which you may have).

I also believe that the IGSA collect a fee from organisation such as ASRA for holind an IGSA event as the IGSA folks ''have'' to be there. If all the events you have been to have had sponsors paying for entry fee's then I would reccomend you find a sponsor for luge and have them pay for your entry fee.

Some events are cheaper than others but IGSA races are all much the same. The race this year in Perygades happens to be quite cheap for a European event but Kozakov and Teolo remain the same (higher then Aussie races because of the exchange rate). It's up to the individual to decide if they can afford it or not, if not then head to beat the bastard. Cheaper rego, for a charity, you will get more runs in and have a good time.

Trikes, we can't make it cheaper. We need the rego money to fund the event, it's that simple. These events cost a lot to put on. Smaller, cheaper events are great, but World Cup events are a whole different ball game in terms of the costs involved. I know, because I organise both. And as Dani says, our prices are the same as all the other IGSA races. If you want to race in the big time you either have a sponsor pay for you, or you front up the cash yourself.

As for your criticisms of last year, you have your facts backwards. Yes, the rain came on Sunday, but the event wasn't washed out. Each discipline had a vote to decide whether they wanted to race in the rain. The skateboarders said "yes" and the lugers said "no".

As for practice, Classic luge practice time was at the same time as the street luge practice time, and therefore was equal to it. We allocated practice time on a per-rider basis as anything else was logistically impossible. The lugers possibly got a bit longer practice than the skateboarders.

As for getting "no racing", well...everybody got lots of racing. Because ASRA used a race-to-qualify system on the Saturday, both Classic luge and Street luge had a whole day of head-to-head racing before the rain came, something they would not have gotten at any other IGSA event.

I'm pretty sure the prices for rego have been the same every year. Why is this the year of the tightarse? I can't believe how many wingers are out and about this year! If I were ASRA (and maybe it's a good thing I'm not) I would stop organizing races for the community because there seem to be so many people not satisfied and want it to be cheaper or something gay like that.

If u prefer to pay the entry fee dollar for billy carts then maybe u should continue to race billy carts and not come to newtons? Maybe it would save u some dollar and a lot of people a headache with the constant reminder of WHY world cup race entries are so expensive...

Happy to put in my $600 for the entertainment and fun I hope to have over this period.

Yeh we all want more but its not all about the money and track time. Freinds (new and old), Racing, Entertainment, Minimal outlay on equipment to compete at a world championship event.

Just stoked to be part of it.

Vote YES to riding in the wet Lugers.

Keep up the good work ASRA.

I dont see too many others donating so much of their personal time to the sport as those putting on the big events like this


It's good to get feed back. Just wanted to get the 'feel' of what others thought. I'm not a tight arse. Ask anyone down here and I work hard and probably spend more money than most on equipment etc. It's just the globally economy is so bad atm making it tough to land sponsorship of any kind in any Division of Motorsports and Billycarts, Gravity Bikes, Street Luge, Buttboard that I compete in but it appears others are doing well and that is good. Well done to ASRA and I hope your Events keep on happening. See you on the hill guys and I'm a yes to Luging in the wet.

The money is o.k when even a hack like me can pay for a start in an I.G.S.A event if I want. So glad we don't have to qualify for the honor. 

A year old, I know, but Dan's point about paying rather than qualifying is a real issue.

Many of the races in the US and Europe sell out quickly, and a lot of riders get upset that they can't race because they didn't have their finger poised over the mouse button when the registration opened. That's a fairly arbitrary way to ration the limited spots in those races - it might make as much sense to ration them by $$$ (higher entry fees) or by rider skill (ranking from previous year).

It's not such a problem in Australia cos we have a smaller population to draw from.



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