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Just putting this out here for your thoughts.....

I have been noticing that Facebook is taking over as the defacto news site for skateboarding.

Not everyone is on facebook, and for those that are, the amount of crap that you have to sift through to get news tries patience. 

Compared to ASRA RSVP's for an event, facebook "likes" are not really the same, and not knowing who is likely to attend makes it a bit harder to organise casual and formal events. 

Past events stop being visible when they hit the Facebook use by date, and seeing the historic results of the efforts put in by racers and the event organisers and sponsors, after the fact gets a lot harder.

We used to get so many great stories and pictures, now we get very little.


I would like to suggest that for ASRA events, a policy be intoduced along the following lines:


No pictures, and no story (50 words minimum) posted on the relevant ASRA event page means that it did not happen, and therefore the points do not count.


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Facebook groups have taken over for grom dribble, which is good (in a way)......
But when Asra event pages are neglected in favour of Facebook pages for the same event, it's frustrating.
As usual, Bernie speaks the truth.

You can go back to see old events on facebook in your events calendar. Doesn't matter how old they are, you can troll back 3 years and still find the event pages. Like Adam said, it gets rid of grom dribble from this site. If you are having an event, just don't create a page for it on facebook. 

Ditto to what Adam & Dani have said.  Maybe the best of both worlds to keep the Grom interests up - post the event here and a FB page for "discussions" on what are the best decks, wheels, slide pucks, etc to use, BUT all RSVP's and registrations are handled via ASRA and only ASRA pages?

Organising an event with the ASRA booking system is excellent.

To gauge interest for informal or pay on the day events is harder when Facebook has all the chatter (dribble included).

Can we log onto ASRA via the FB login?
if so it will  not be hard for FB users to access ASRA events via a link from FB.

Not sure this will improve anything......BUT.... 

amend the suggested policy:

No pictures, and no story (50 words minimum) posted on the relevant ASRA event page means that it did not happen, and therefore the points do not count.

Qualifying ASRA Events should not be posted as events on FB,
but links, with instructions to use the ASRA-RSVP function, to an event from FB are OK. 

FB has just about killed Charliedontskate.

Ask yourselves if ASRA could go the same way.

i think Asra will always be the centre of the universe for aussie skateboard racers,..i still check it a few times a day.

the events column is like a calendar for me,.you cant keep track of aussie events on facebook but you can always check asra for upcoming events.

i think if asra was being bombarded with half the shit on facebook we would all be complaining.....but in saying this,most of the appeal of facebook is that you see everything from all over the world...the sport is still relatively small in comparison and theres only so much happening each day,..

not sure about your proposal for asra events bernie,.event organisers already commit a lot of their own time,.plenty of proof and photos/videos come out from these events,..making them write up a blog may be to much to expect..

i firmly believe that ALL events that draw asra rankings points should be announced a month early and clearly state in their discription if they are going to be eligible for points....(as is usually done anyway).

 slide jams and semi-private races kept from asra have never had much meaning anyway,other than date i believe the events that count have been documented ok....

I think the riders have respect for asra and leave their shit for facebook these days..the community regulates this site a bit whereas on facebook,anything goes.

List of results, weather report, who stacked (how are they now) & name of most improved, PLUS podium shot, and picture of group = 50 words and pictures.

The race winners might be interested in helping to make that happen.

......anyway, why does everything always have to be "up to" the organiser, who in most events does not even get to race ?

At some events we still have to ask for people to pick up their rubbish, and put it in a bin, or take it with them!

Ben, any chance of copying your excellent blog report from Hopkin onto Yarra ranges event page????

When we are working on the next Yarra Ranges event, we will be using the event page reports as a resource for sponsors and council, as many sponsor organisations block facebook at their router, so they cannot see the FB reports.

ill look into it bernie?....cant you just have a link to it.

yeh true about others writing the blog bernie,.thats how us boys from hopkin usually do it,.if you organise the event,,one of the others usually does the write up,etc.

pretty quiet round here these days.



For sure Bernie - was just thinking that the other day - is everyone too busy enjoying the warmer (dryer) weather?



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