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hey all, i was wondering where some sweet DH and freeride spots are in and around the city, there are places like Flagstaff gardens, fitzy, flem rd(the drains) any there any other places or whats your favourite place?

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around the MCG is a good spot for freeriding. just make sure theres not a game on when you go. :)

good find bernie, i might have to check it out after work one day


Pete and I have been there numerous times, its not really THAT good but good if your in the area


edit: torquay that is

Swanston St Bulleen.  Longboarding fun!

fitzroy gardens are good but i got kicked out and nearly got fined $250

 stephen.mhsrider said:

there is fitzroy gardens which is abit of fun. i know of a good slide hill in south yarra (secret-ish for the moment) but the really fun places do require abit of travel on trains etc.
this is why i suggest you dont go there during the day if your not smooth with your words, me and rupert risked it this arvo and went in at like 4.30 and there wansnt a hassle, i would say its more an issue on weekends and depending on where in the gardens you ride, ie not directly out front of the cafe

Just had word on Fitzroy Gardens

The Park Rangers are getting seriosly pissed at longboarders that are bombing the park without any regard for other park users.

Specially on weekends when people have booked areas for weddings and family functions.

You all need to start thinking about how others feel about what you are doing. 

People do not like skaters running at high speed in the gardens when they are taking in the "serenity". 

Elderly people are very frightened of being knocked down by skaters at high speed, specially in the gardens.

If there is a party or a wedding in the garden, go somewhere else.

If there are a lot of people in the Garden, go somewhere else.

Try early mornings or late evenings, when no one else is there.

If you see a Ranger be polite, and ask them if what you are doing is OK, or if they can recommend somewhere more suited.

We are working behind the scenes to have Skateboarding events in Parks and we actually do need to have a good relationship with the Rangers, so please don't fuck it up for everyone else.

Please give Fitzroy Gardens a long rest for now.

Please let others know.

thanks for posting that bernie

I just moved to Toorak  there are tons of hills around, I've only looked around my place today, but there are tons of nice steep hills with not much traffic.

hey guys i dont skate much in the city, i usualy stick to local hills, just wondering where exactly is this flem road place?

bernie said:

Swanston St Bulleen.  Longboarding fun!

i google earthed this place and it didnt come up with this place O_o?



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