ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

So alot of new people have been joining up and here's some of the essentials i think you should know before going out to skate.

1. Helmets

It's so important to have a helmet! If you can splurge a few hundred on gear you can spare 60dollars on a protec. We've had guys crash their heads even going at cruising speeds so it can happen to anyone at any speed.

2. Slide gloves and pads

Slide gloves are easy to make. Instructions. They help prevent injuries to your hands and wrist when you fall. And also let you bust out some pretty awesome slides! Knee and elbow pads are good as well especially when you're starting out.

3. Footbraking

I highly recommend learning to footbrake before anything else. Jumping off your board everytime you need to stop is just not practical! start off at slow speeds and put your back foot down to slow down. i find it helps with balance if you place your braking foot to the side of your board. Keep practicing and you'll be a footbraking masta!

4. Slides

Slides are fun and also practical. Standup slides, pendys etc...Start off with learning the coleman. it's a pretty easy to learn and it's an effective shut down slide to stop fast.

5. Skating etiquette

Don't be a dick on the road. Watch out for cars and pedestrians. We seem to have the worst luck with cops in Melbourne and a few good spots have been ruined so be friendly to the locals and cops and you'll be fine. Please don't ruin our spots! Melbourne is flat enough as it is :(

6. Shops

We don't have a lot of shops that stock longboard gear but here are a few: Macs Waterski and Hemleys on Brunswick st have some completes and parts as well. Fast times in the city has a good range of protec helmets and pads.

Otherwise, there's, hopkin and cr8ive sk8! they have an awesome selection at good prices!

Finally just go out and have fun! It's always better when you skate with a regular crew you learn so much and we're a bunch of friendly guys (and girl)! Slalom, downhill, cruising, carparks, sliding, ditch whatever...

Skate hard, skate safe!

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if you sell him your loadeds i am gonna bitch slap you jason
Do those loaded gloves happen to be the ones I gave you for free, Sean?
you sold them to me for 40 bucks as i remember it with those sisemics, I then sold them onto jason with fresh pucks

Fendy said:
Do those loaded gloves happen to be the ones I gave you for free, Sean?
i sold u the trucks and gave u the gloves for free.
If i was buying the trucks and getting the gloves then wouldnt that mean that part of that money was going towards the gloves.... regardless man, those things are melbourne whore gloves.
Fendy said:
i sold u the trucks and gave u the gloves for free.



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