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is anyone making an aussie nkj? someone should get a sewing machine and get on that!
my dead cow is slowly suffering a second death, starting to look more like a roll of gaff then a cow!

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ash tried tiger angel in melbourne, he sent em back and got a refund, the paint started peeling of them before they were worn and the fit was shit, i think alot of leather guys seem to struggle with what you want in skate specific leathers.
doesnt Duff make suits?
Yeah Pete, Brad and Dani were wearing some of the Prototypes at Bathurst, we're slowly ramping up and will be in full swing soon.

Can't wait till Duff starts making suits. I really need a new suit.
And i'd rather spend my money locally, than over seas.

Have you had many issues with the prototypes?
sweet, dani's leathers looked pretty good, i also would rather keep it local
steer clear of tiger angel, did not have a good experience with them to say the least.
The set I am riding at the moment (in the photos) seem great. A really compfortable fit with stretch panels in all the right places. The pads in the knees also work as shin guards which hug the leg nicely. The lining is fully removable which allows you to wash it hopefully keeping downhill aids (staff infection) away. Being in the dead cow appreciation forum is probably wrong for these leathers as they are made of Kangaroo which is far lighter than cow hide for all the travelers out there. Although I think Duff is now experimenting with some super cow hide so that may change or be optional.

As for aesthetics each set I have seen has looked pretty damn good. The logos are not just straight leather cuts but they also have some parts embroided which makes the patches appear much neater.

As Duff said, the suits were prototypes but he has certainly done well so far and each set that is made is vastly improved on the last. Once they come into production, I cant imagine anyone being disappointed in a set.
Fireup industries ! The best leathers i have EVER worn , The fit is perfect tight with plenty of stretch panels and corigations to make the suit comform to your body .The knee and shin guards work very well and comfortable ,as Dani said removable lining and the lining is washable ! ( big bonus no more stinky leathers ). The neprene neck and wrist cuffs feel soft and give no irritaion . My set are kangaroo leather which is SO STRONG and light near half the wieght of my old waldens ! and twice as strong !! I have had a FEW good crashs in them NOTHING but a few small scratches!!!!!!!!
LOGOS are unbelievable what looks like computer cut and sewn each logo .. VERY PRO
Stitching is strong and well sunk into the leather giving less chance of cut stitching
I have checked out MANY other leather manufactureres and these are RIGHT UP THE TOP !!!


Nick has realy done his homework on these Customizing panels and stretch spots as well as sorcing the best leather out there !!!!

They are fast !!!!!!!!! enough said
Well if duff needs any more testing I'll put my hand up to help out.
me too if he needs to know about any differences for juniours.

Grits said:
Well if duff needs any more testing I'll put my hand up to help out.
same here im willing to try any prototypes for juniors :D

Ryan 'RY RY' Peterson said:
me too if he needs to know about any differences for juniours.

Grits said:
Well if duff needs any more testing I'll put my hand up to help out.



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