ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Found this on silverfish don't know if these are what they will end up like.

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Mmmmmmmmmmmm I love these graphics!

So much better!

Time Machine and the Topmount... are new.

i want time machine 9two5

evo 9two5 switch bamboo drop carve drop speed and time machine 9two5 .................  fuckin awsome


evo and timechine 9two5 are the best ...i wish they put the evo graphic on the 9two5

thank god the evo is still there, topmount graphic looks crap if you ask me
i also do not rate the top mount
This appears to be the new switchblade, and I have to say, I friggen love the look of it!
the top mount looks awesome, cant wait to get it.
the switchblade is the rad!!! fun to stand up slide!

Oh yeah!

Sickest Landyachtz video ever I think.




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