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Hi where can I purchase wood for board building in Brisbane I have already bunnings 3mm plywood but the board was way to flexy
Any help would be appreciated

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Sam, I'm in Brissie, and sorry, I don't know where to buy wood. Maybe a boatbuilder? If you can use the bunnings wood to make the shape you want, maybe you can stiffen it up with a layer of fibreglass (glued with Epoxy) somewhere near the bottom. You would need to run the glass fibres in the direction of the board length. GOOD luck


Good luck wasn't meant to be in capitals, I wasn't shouting ;-)

Thanks for your help

check the plywood supliers in the yellow pages.

mr ply n wood


i think there is a boral ply too.


Thanks :)
I ended up using 3 mm bunnings ply but using 5 sheets this worked well and the board has no flex this board was a top mount downhill board this time I want to make a dropped deck will this wood still be suitable or not and the Board will have 1 inch of drop

What are you going to use to press it Sam?  Using 3mm ply takes some pressure to make a drop deck!  Here's a blank I made some time ago before cutting out using 3mm hoop pine ply - vaccuum bag and a shit-load of clamps! (2" Drop)

i will be making a press similar to this

And if I were to use the vacuum bag method does it need to be a special vacuum bag or just a regular vacuum bag

I have a Roarockit bag (70" x 20"). Works very nicely, but like I said, for big drops and sharp curves, it needs some help from clamps...

Ok I'll give it a go and see what happens thanks for your help :)

I've used the bunnings ply for 2 boards now, with 3 sheets it was way to flexy but 4 seemed alright, a lot comes down to length & cave. If you struggle to find supplies let me know, I may or may not have some 1/8 Baltic Birch, just sayin.



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