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Fellow builders, I have recently came into quite a lot of Baltic Birch, most of which is 3mm 3ply & some  4mm 4ply. Condition & grade does vary but there is a lot of useable stuff.

I'll be using this in my board building but there is far more than I could ever use. Would people be interested in purchasing any?

For transportation reasons, I am thinking of cutting it into 1200x300 sheets because a) it will fit in my car b) its the size I use in my press. 

This is simply an EOI at the moment as I'm still waiting to see what comes, I have no idea on postage or freight so for a start it may be pick up only (located on the QLD/NSW border) If you would be interested let me know & I'll keep you all posted when I know more.

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Nice one James! So any veneer in that or all ply? Also what would cost be per 1200 x 300 sheet?

Id also recommend offering a 1040mm x 300mm size as 1050 is the largest Aus post will ship and that will keep costs down

If you do that freight would be quite cheap for 4 - 8 sheets ( enough for 1 or 2 boards )

No veneer unfortunately, only ply. Cost would be very cheap, haven't really thought about that yet, just something to put back into the work social club fund as a thank you. Size is optional as it comes in 2400x1200 sheets, maybe cut to order?

Any idea how workable the 4mm would be?



Interested if postage is a viable option.

Alright guys, I'll be going through the first lot of product tomorrow & sus out what it's like. I'll be sure to get some pics up of what is there & let you see what 'may' be on offer. 

Sorry guys, had a meeting this afternoon & didn't get time to have a look. I'll keep you posted

Had a chance to look at them ?

Any action on this front?

Sorry guys, been having a few interesting times at work recently & got a bit side tracked. Long story short, there was very little useable BB, turns out there was alot more @ 5-7mm & quite a bit of "bunnings ply" aswell as damaged stuff from forklifts. Put simply out of this top stack I got about 5 sheets. 



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