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hey guys,


was just wondering, how do u guys drill/mark out ur bolt holes for ur trucks??

if uve made a jig post a pic if u want,


ive read through the thread and came across this, it seems pretty good, does any one do anything different??


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buy yourself one of these dean - - so long as you've marked the centre line on your deck (lengthwise) accurately you can't go wrong.

ohh woooow thats exactly what i was lookin for.

thanks heaps guys!!!!

Yeah - the Roarockit ruler is great but if you want it quick it'll cost you about $80 in postage..

I just found this thread.

Love that picture at the top. That was a very early model from about 5-6 years ago. That bad boy put deckbolt holes in just about every Glyde deck ever sold.

Here's another picture for you.

I have since picked up that old project and refined it.

Cast alloy jig plates with hardened steel bushes.

Preset wheelbase positions from 15" to 33" with 1/4" increments.

Drill perfect square holes with trucks that line up true every time.

I have some castings already made. Soon as I can finalise the machining they will be for sale to all my skateboard friends. :)

Price to be announced.

I forgot to mention.

My product will be 100% Australian made.

Hey Fitz - very nice - I'll be following your progress with some interest.

i had plans from fits that i took to an engineering firm, they made it up for me for a reasonable price but they were nowhere as good as fitz.




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