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WTT/maybe sell Dervish flex 1 complete. Hoping for a Nemesis, buy maybe?!

I have a Loaded Dervish flex 1, gunmetal trucks, purple stimulus wheels, slightly coned no flat spots. Board is in good condition, a few scratches on the ends, one on the bottom, all cosmetic. Board rides perfectly and I still love it but want something a little faster and not really into flex anymore.

Hoping to trade but will consider selling if you make me a decent offer. I'm pretty broke so I won't let this go too cheap coz I don't want to end up boardless.

I'm wanting to get my hands on a Nemesis, so if anyone is selling or trading please let me know.

If you would like to try make a deal feel free to email me:
I can provide pics

Also I'm in Melbourne so would prefer fellow Melbournians, but can still arrange if otherwise.

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interested! ill email u
pics? answer my email! haha
Hey Billy, sorry I've checked my email and junk mail but haven't recieved an email from you.  Try again maybe?
ok ill try again later tonight. Can u post some pics?
Hey P K, sounds good man but the Nemmy sells at our local store for $255, so for $10 more I could walk down the rd n get it.  Thanks anyway.  Hey Billy I got ur email, I'll send you some pics tonight ;)
If this isn't sold yet I'm interested.  Sending email now!!!!



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