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hey does anybody have an wheels they want to trade for a set of lemon big zigs with no conage

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purple 4prez? not really coned, ill be at g5 if u wanna look

my mini monsters? nah lol JK nice sesh today dermott.

i have a set of purple stims i would be willing to trade, but they are slightly coned... but not too bad. i could post some pictures if you are interested?
yer as you can see they are a bit dirty, but i can clean them easily.
yer ok thats fine bro... im trying to get some dh wheels as well...
Why did you get him to upload the pics, if you don't want freerides anyway? What's wrong with DH on BigZigs?
nxt weekend at gateway 5 id be willing to try the big zigs and il trade u mah hawgs bro. thats if the zigs feel nicer.
well bring ya zigs so i can try em.
purple 4 pres still 70mm not coned or flatspotted
he was at the gateway today dermott.......

Dermott Pascoe said:
r u in brisbane?

Harry Perkins said:
purple 4 pres still 70mm not coned or flatspotted



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