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rayne demonseed deck $200

good condition, just a small white mark up the middle from goin over a speed hump that was 2 big for my deck to clear, and small scratches on either end from standing the board up on its ends...

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where abouts you at?
im thinking about it but i dont really wanna pay 180
160 including shipping?
even at 160 its just a thought for me
190 as a complete
lol,, dude, i think you can maje a bin on this on the lets help matti thread, and thew staet point will be lower.

im not selling this board here anymore, i put it in the auction, if you are interested place a bid..

wanna trade for a drop hammer deck?
dude he just said he was putting it up for auction
no shit dude i was just asking

well what do you think his answer will be?

for fuck sake


Start reading befor posting shit like this up

if you even read the posts on here you would now he is not after trades as he is not skating for some time

Help with his recovery and financial support is whats needed.

Spend some time reading (the whole post) rather than posting shit and adding to the clutter on this site.

There was a time when you got responses from the pro's now they could not be stuffed sorting through this shit.

read and think befor you type.


haha have a cry dude



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