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A friend is selling a Landyachtz Nine Two Five Complete and is selling it cheaply.
it is fairly new and has only been ridden as a commute board and some small downhill.
the reason he is selling cheap is because he wants an alva board and wants this board gone asap to help with funds.
only small scratches on the graphic and worn griptape, no major splitting, or cracks etc

Nine Two Five Deck
Orangatang 4Prez Oranges (only lips have been worn in slightly)
2009 Bear Grizzly 852 trucks (good condition)
Bones Reds

i will upload photos if anybody is interested.

$250 O.N.O.

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would u split trucks and wheels?
very interested can i see some pics?

ill pay for it tonight if you can go to 230


matthys sounds good add duncan the seller on facebook, check out the pics and arrange something...

hes one of my closest friends and theres definately nothing dodgy going on.... and yeah all talk to him and let him know whats up.. thanks guys means alot

go buy some wheels then....

Ryan B said:
dam it matthys!, i need those wheels!



fuck that was quick hahaha



suck it ryan :P
haha someone sounds like a happy dude. duncan said he had a double free tomorrow morning so he will post it then... hopefully it turns up quick!
925 for $230 .......fuck yeah i payed 210 for my deck


i know blake!

and i needed some 4prez too!


you got a deal matthys



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