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Hi guys,

Second hand Landyachtz chinook here with a few bumps and grazes. This one is going for $80!. Pics will be up soon. This is the same deal as the Vanguard thread, pick up from brisbane is ideal. These things retail over 200 bucks. Grab a deal.


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very very interested pictures? i'll take it, 2009?
Up soon. 2009 indeed.
i'll take it if Alex doesn't
Raise the price.. 95 and its yours.
shot gun, 95 i'll take it
whoever bids the highest.
how much is posting to melbourne?
I'm guessing around 15.
swanky, i bid $95 for it then, pictures?
Pictures tomorrow. Remember that is 95 then the added 15. So 110 total.
Beautiful, is it a deal? much cosmetic dmg?
Selling this for a mate, pictures are 1000 words. Board is yours if no one bids over $95 (excluding shipping) by 25th May (tomorrow) 6pm.


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