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WTS Earthwing Supermodel Complete, Belly Racer, Zigs,

Supermodel has bear 852s, 83a Lemon Zigs, Bones reds. Has a minor chip out of the back of the board, does not affect structural integrity at all. $200 +Postage.


Belly Racer- . This is a SICK top mount speed board, Only had it for a few months, paint is a tad flakey. Has a rad feeling concave. Check out silverfish if you want board stats. $130 +  Postage





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Sent you a message Mason
i know this is late but i thought itd save my making a new discussion... i weigh around 50kg and i like the feel of a lively board. if i went with the supermodel id definetely go with the 38" for that reason, but do you think itd still feel very dead? if it is ill probably go with the bc mmoray... thanks
Just set up some soft nice bushings in some paris/bears/randals, and you wont have a dead board dude. As long as its not like double dropped, demonseed style, your board will be lively with the right truck and bushing setup.
bro just a question is the belly racer still for sale
ok thanks tim what about the indys? would it be better to go with the bears?
Nah Belly Racer is sold. No idea on the indys. Go Paris.
i heard paris trucks get wheelbite?
is the supermodel with trucks still up for sale?



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