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Hey guys, looking to buy some second hand leathers and maybe a full face helmet. no particular budget it will just depend on quality, let us know what you got.


measurements are:

chest-under arms: 88cm

 waist-at belt line: 89cm

 Belly-at Belly-Button:82.5cm

 height-Head to Toe: 187cm

 inseam-crotch to ankle: 85cm

outseam-waist to ankle: 97cm

Sleeves-armpit to wrist: 57cm

Jacket length-Top shoulder point to waist/belt line: 60cm


probably don't need all that but i had them down coz i was gonna buy some off ebay, figured id check here first. also if anyone as an opinion on these i would be glad to hear it.

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seriously you could get 3 sets for the same price. or a set and a helmet


in fact you could get a really good helmet and cheaper leathers, and I think that that is the option that you should go with!



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