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Hit me up, just havin a look round at few different boards, if ur selling let me now and ill hav a look

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hey sam how bout i stick my foot up ur ass you little faget.......

hahahaha im not little and im not a faggot nice comeback asshole
willing to trade a apex 37 carbon edition plus paris 150mm trucks (that have adam colton base plates) and an extra set of bushings for any one who has a good DH board preferably rayne or commet

i have a flex 2 loaded dervish for 150 incl. shipping

ill put pics up if your interested

hmm i dont hav anythin to trade man, and i just sold my dervish bro so sorry
okay dont worry :)
Daddow gnosis, 190?
get that ^^^^^^

Sam-Have some fucking respect mate.

You should find out what happens to cunts that do shit on here.

theres no hate with me, why would some1 go outta the way to point something sooo belatedly obvious geeeesss, and ryan that may b the worst threat on a skateboarding website i hav eva seen hahahaha, im waitin for u guys to come to my house with skateys am i, hahaha i just want a board thats all
yeah i agree, sorry for being gay fellas
hey man i have a great condition evo im selling for $130 shipped anywhere in aus



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