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Why you should support Aussie Skateshops...invest in Australia.

Overseas skateboard e-tailers and retailers don't put on races; they don't sponsor local riders.....hell, sometimes they even send their factory seconds with dodgy components claiming it is the real McCoy. Supporting local skateshops is investing in your sport, and investing in Australia.

A little something I penned....for your consideration.

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True words, Bruiser. Hopshop and Skateboardexpress are the only two places I've bought gear from (unless it was something I just couldn't possibly get from either, which only happened twice I think). Both are owned and run by people in Sydney who are supporting the local scene by sponsoring riders and events. Hopshop's contribution to the scene has been massive and too much to detail. SKX have really stepped up their support in the last two years, with local sponsored riders and especially supporting small events like grom-organised slide jams, which keep groms stoked.

Hopshop is a physical bricks and mortar shop, SKX is an online business but both are local and both ship anywhere. I've felt supported by both from Day 1. It's only fair that I would support them. The money is coming back into Australia and into the local scene.

Of course, I don't/can't skate no more.....but I my attitude was exactly the same back when I did.

Yeah, sometimes the gear your after just isn't available in Oz, sucks.

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