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im getting a new top mount for DH and sliding but i cant decide between 2011 wolfshark or a kuya bahala na?

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i got a wolf shark its good for sliding and i hav't raced it but i hear they used it at teutonia

I can't decide whether to have chilli tuna or lemon and cracked pepper tuna at lunch today.

What's your question? If you don't have one worth asking, go away and toss a coin.

Top mounts are so last week man, bamboo mini drop through ,next big thing :)

Hahahahahaha "I hear they used it at teutonia" omg no way they didn't did they?!

Wait, what did they use it for?

.....and who is They?

Now I'm really confused!

They used it for beating grommets who expect other people to make their decisions for them about which board to buy. The pointed nose also allows a bit of stabbity-stab action. It's pretty rad.

I can't tell you who "They" are or they'll beat me too.

I can't understand why so much stress guys. If you don't want to read about which board should I buy, don't open the thread that is titled "Which board should I buy" it's kinda simple. All this flak is probably going to turn some newbie grom off the sport and lose us a potential world beater (maybe). Don't forget, we were all newbies once and were scared to waste our very hard earned pocket money on something that wasn't quite right. How about cutting these young guys some slack and either be helpful or don't bother opening the thread.

My 2 cents worth.

For what it is worth. Buy the Amazon from an Aussie shop that way you get a warantee here. As far as I know there isn't a Kuya distributor in Oz and therefore no backup if anything goes wrong. Same applies if you buy the Amazon overseas, no backup for it in Oz!!!

for what it is worth as well get a FP maybe the royal or nsf. they weight less then wayne and are a work of art and australian made 

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