ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

I have 6 sets up for sale, it's first come first serve. They are all in relatively good condition. Any grom stalls and i'll bite your face off :)
First set, sector 9 race formulas yellow. 74mm 78a. never slid good condition=60+shipping

Second set, same wheels as before. slid a couple times,no conage=50+shipping

Third set, Otang In-heats orange. ridden down many hills, never slid still very fresh indeed=60+shipping

Fourth set, green big zigs, slid once or twice, still pretty fresh+ 55+shipping

Fifth set, yellow big zigs, slid out once on them and thats about it=60+shipping

Last set, these wheels are special. Mischo crashed in his qualifying on these. these aare seismic hot spots. They are both 76mm. the blue ones are 80a and the orange are 77a. Remember these were ridden by mischo= 70+ shipping

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i'll take the green big zigs if they are still available. $55 + shipping yeah?

Yeh dude PM me your details

Hey man yellow sectors still for sale?



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