ASRA - Australian Skateboard Racing Association

Unless you were there, you woulldn't know it happened, but i can assure you it did.........


After just scraping in ahead of me in the timed slalom race to claim 1st place,

a totally generous, philantrophic Jacko handed out his first place bag of goodies

to all the groms.

I didnt get to tell you Jacko,

but i thought this was a great example of the MOSS/ASRA spirit of sharing,

well done mate.


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very sportsman like.

A few of us are thinking there needs to be an award for the best sportsmanlike behavior.

Maybe Jacko is Nomination #1.

Good one Jackson! You raised the stoke level! That is what we all love.

Thanks man. Hope you're not too excited by them. Hahahahaaa

sharing is caring. i dont need any more trucks/wheels, i have plenty. there were a bunch of kids at the event who were stoked to be skateboarding, if i can help stoke em out more i will.

i think more people should be doing the same...

Could Jacko be Jesus come back to save us? 



HAHA! Haven't seen that in a long time. Might watch it now!

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