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I really want to get into downhill and wanted to know what I need and where to get it. I need gear/board/wheels/trucks etc..  I've tried freeriding, but I think downhill is more my type.  also I don't have a lot of money.

Websites would be appreciated. 

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Bulk stock coming in next week

Look to the list of supporters on the right ====>

I recommend choosing the one that's local to you and going there and asking some questions.

thanks guys:) do you know any more websites

Honestly you just want a stiff deck that you are comfortable on that suits your size and style, trucks that you feel comfortable on and like, but really just choose some cast trucks you like(maybe paris or caliber) and get the bushing setup dialed to your preference, and get some good grippy wheels like RAD's or Bustin Royces, but most importantly when your starting out you need protective gear. Before worrying about precision trucks or anything like that, get a fullface helmet, gloves and kneepads.

okay thankyou:)

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