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Switch 37 or Switchblade?!?!?

I have no idea, i need reasons for whichever one i chose

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Switch 37.  Wheelbite issues with switchblade when dropped thru.

I rode a Switchblade for 6 months and I freakin loved it! The drops are so nice to tuck in and it really locks you in. The drops on the Switch are way too big and uncomfortable. And I rode 75mm wheels on Randal 50* drop thru, no wheelbite at all

umm, im 5'2 and around 45 kg, do you still think it would be a good board at 40.5"?

Get a Tomahawk.

They just released a new 36" Switchblade, that would be better for you.

wouldnt it be to small if he ggrows?

I'm 6 foot and I felt good standing on 35" Mini Killswitch, shouldnt be a problem.

Switch 37 is good for beginners coz its easier to slide but ive got a switchblade and its better all round and better for cruising coz you can top mount it, better stability, and more room to do tricks. P.S. there are no wheelbite issues with the switchblade

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