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Ok, well...

Myself, Dion and Nat were on our second run of Willy Hill this afternoon when a cop met us down the bottom. And as it turned out, he wasn't a very nice one. After telling us how stupid we are, he asked our ages and seemed delighted to find out we are all adults. He then called up another cop and proceeded to ask him how many things he could charge us with and if he could arrest us. After getting off the phone, he told us we were all under arrest and he was charging us with 'due care' (something about being reckless apparently).

Then the three of us hopped into the police car and went to the local police station. When we got there we were each individually interviewed and had our DNA, fingerprints and photos taken. Then they seized our boards, helmets, gloves, shoes, leathers, and my GoPro camera. Then after applying for bail, we were left with just our skins on sitting in separate cells until we were allowed out.

Apparently we now have a criminal record. And have to attend court late January next year.
Not sure when we get our skate gear back...but it wont be before we've been to court.

Does anyone know if this is even possible? Or are we just extremely unlucky? We've been caught on that hill before but only received a $57 fine. This has just taken it to a whole new level.

I'm a bit devastated about them taking all our stuff :( really wanted to skate this weekend haha.

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u n ur mates shud see a lawyer ..........also print off robbos thread skateboarding laws rules or something i carry them every time i skate after bein threatened to have my gear taken yet to use it yet but im sure i will get my chance


u could evin take the skateboarding rules into the copshop they took u took you too and speak to his boss

toby how did u go???

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