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Oliver and myself are gettin' into the Christmas spirit and want to greatly enhance someones Christmas by slipping them a set of our killer pucks.


All you gotta do is post up here and tell us why you think we should give the pucks to you! Easy!


We'll choose the coolest response and send that person a set of Slippery Dip Slide Pucks! Yesssss


You have until Sunday 19th Dec 11:59pm

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Because my Timeship pucks wore down to the velcro within 1 hour of sliding and I don't have any other pucks! :(

ask meddii ;)

Nick Frayne said:

just quietly how do you put the little signatures on?

benny to add to my response i have drawn you a picture of a downhill skating santa! ill post a pic in the morning for you

Cause this is Me, and my mate Mick... We are getting our chrissie spirit on, downhilling, sweating it up, all we need now is a set of christmas spirit slipperys to top off our outfits!

Because I often like to put pucks onto my chest and pretend I have boobies. But I have been shredding far to hard so my pucks are now all worn down. I cant get any satisfaction any more. If I had some slippery dips I could still shred to my hearts content and still play with my puck boobs.

Because my crash face is awesome....

ok because its christmas and a dreadfully want some slippery dip slide pucks i drew you a PICTURE!

downhill santa....

Thanks all very much for your classic contributions to this comp! Lots of great responses but none better than Mr. Dylan Danger Batty's...


"sliding these pucks is one of the most amazing experiences in the world. i have seen a falcon take down its prey and a lion mating with a zebra, yet none of these compare to feeling one gets from sliding on slippery dips. a prophet high upon a mountain once told me while drawing from his saber tooth hash pipe that one day a set of pucks would exist that trump all other slide pucks, making them useless, and this day hath brought them down from the heavens, smiting all and having its way with the wives of all world leaders. slippery dips destroy the competition in explosions of passionate UHMW death and upon doing so kill all in their way... only i could handle the epic-ness off these pucks, and that is why i should get them!"


Pure gold Dylan, haha, top effort. Your Christmas will now be shimmering with the buttery goodness of Slippery Dips.


To all you other cats, thanks for your efforts and all is not lost because these pucks are available to all! One investment of a mere $26 will have you slipping and sliding all over the streets for months on end.


Merry Christmas all!

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