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Gentleman and ladies, if you could answer a few survey questions this would help me pass my university assignment at unisa ;) Get on it, the more the better..

<a href="">Click here to...

This last link seems to work for most people, thanks for the responses thus far. 

Tags: Downhill, Longboarding, cruising, freeride, slide

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All respondents remain anonymous by the way. 

problem loading page.

really what the hell, I'll see if i can fix it, thanks matty!

Try this link if the above two don't work, apologies for any issues. 

Very broad questions... Leathers are not mentioned in the ''what do you wear (helmets, pads etc.) Think they should probably be there.

Can internationals answer this too or are you only wanting Aussies?

Good to see Adelaide Skaters doing some research reports!

Yeas leathers should have been, i did realise that i will mention it in the seminar and report that will be done... Internationals are fine for the survey! My main focus is making maps, Longboarding routes, recommendations, how to promote it in Australia , in particular SA. Cheer Bernie btw!

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