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Hey guys,


I've been looking for a new helmet lately, I figured now that i'm starting too go a bit faster and actually trying 4 wheel slides as compared too little 180's my old K-mart helmet doesn't really cut it.


By what I've seen on Hopkin 888 and Pro-tec seem too be the two leading brands, my bro and a few of his friends all have 888's sweat saver's and they seem to think that they're way better, I was going to get one of them but I noticed boardshops having a sale and a few Pro-Tec helmet's are marked down by up too $20-30, what would you guys suggest?


Cheers, Will.

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From what I've seen of the bucky its pretty much the same as the triple 8's (assuming its a Bucky Lasek pro model its probably designed for vert) so maybe not so good.

charles lee said:
if james is riht get the protec bucky because it is squishy and hard
TSG looks a bit pricey I might just get a 888

Dave R said:

TSG is another option. Mine is pretty solid - hard and soft foam liners. Whatever you get, make sure it can't slip back on your head easily and leave the front of your skull exposed.

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